Sorry Mom Comix on sale at Vault of Midnight Grand Rapids!

Hey, Grand Rapids! Missed me at Grand Rapids Zine Fest? Well, you can pick up a copy of Sorry Mom Comix’s two most popular titles, American Spirits: Freelance Ghostbusters, and Trans Man Walking, at Vault of Midnight’s Grand Rapids location! Head on down, check out one of Grand Rapids’ finest comic book shops, and pick up a copy of something SMCx-ey while you’re there!

(Screencap in preview from Vault of Midnight website)



Thanks for the amazing time, Grand Rapids Zine Fest!! Michigan was gorgeous, and I loved meeting all you Midwest/Northern zinesters!!

Bonus points: If you missed me, both American Spirits and Trans Man Walking #1 are available for purchase at Vault of Midnight in Grand Rapids!

(Poster art for Grand Rapids Zine Fest by Rayne Klar!)